A Short "RAW" video testimonial of the Videofied System working in Australia.

Great comparison of Videofied and traditional CCTV and DVRs on a 5 acre site. The difference is apprehensions. They had 6 arrests in the first 3 weeks! He says the ROI was 1 week.


This short two minute video clip answers many of the questions that we are asked about Video Verified Alarm Systems.

This is a real life example of the Videofied Alarm System in action catching crooks.

We are getting great results throughout Australia with clients using the Videofied system.

We are currently working on a similar video from one of the many success stories we have right here in Australia.

Let us know if you would like us, to use your success story in a similar video clip.

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Do you know why your alarm was activated?

With a Videofied system you can see if the alarm has caught a "real" event or a FALSE Alarm.

I wonder how many seconds it took the person looking at this "vision" to determine that this was a serious event?
Another great result from a Videofied system.

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Access Control


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